Social Networking has changed our world forever. Cyber-bullying is a nightmare that is vigilant 24/7. A truly wicked, sleepless, merciless enemy bent on the destruction of our children.

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sadgirl2Youth Suicide

To increase mental health and awareness and work towards suicide prevention

Social Media

To educate the parents and teachers on the appropriate use of technology by adolescents.


To provide access to mental health services for adolescents and their families.

Consulting For Faculty & Staff

To offer professional consultations to community organizations on the issues related to mental health.

Education Services For Schools

 Education to train mental health professionals, first responders, clergy, and members of the community on the issues related to adolescent suicide prevention.

Volunteer Services

To engage the community, to rally together, to aid in the prevention of youth suicide.  If you would like to volunteer at one of our events, or are just interested in ways you can help, please contact us.