The AnnMarie Foundation Board Members will join with the staff members at District 135 Middle Schools and Junior High in recognizing the importance of Integrity. We work together within the school to promote good practices in friendship, courage and self-responsibility. Each year staff members will nominate students for this award. The recipient shall receive $500.00 USD. The following is information about the criteria for the award, how teachers may nominate students and how students are selected. Please take time to learn about this important recognition. Students, we encourage you to demonstrate all qualities of the Integrity Award.

The AnnMarie Foundation and District 135 Middle Schools and Junior High will use the following guidelines to promote and reward students. All students who attend District 135 Middle Schools and Junior High will be eligible for recognition by teachers and staff. All teachers and staff members will have the opportunity to nominate students for this award. Teachers and Staff must complete a written or on line nomination on how the student meets the criteria. The AnnMarie Foundation will collect written nominating petitions from school by April 1, 2017. The Board Members of the foundation will narrow results to 8 finalists who will be contacted by Foundation for future information. Finalists must write an essay on why they feel they deserve this award. The AnnMarie Foundation will review essays and recognize the best student to receive this award. To nominate a student simply click the Electronically Submit Nominate Student button found on this page. Printed Forms are available in the teachers’ resource room at district 135 Schools.

Click here for the nomination form